Events held in 2018

    Wed 21st February. Marine Life on the Manacles Reef 10 years of sea search surveys and marine photography, showing the richness of fauna and flora of the Cornish Continental Shelf. Matt Slater is the Marine Awareness Officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust and showed underwater film of the Reef, explaining its importance to sustainable fishing in Cornwall.

Wed 21st March. “A Touch of Froth” Flotation, Metal Recovery and the Importance of Stable Bubbles by Dr Katherine Hadler PhD. MEng. Lecturer at Imperial College, London and part time Senior Metallurgist at Grinding Solutions Ltd. Cornwall.

Wed 18th April. Cornish Lithium – A New Metal from an Old Mining Area & the Metal of the Future. Jeremy Wrathall, (Founder and Director of the Cornish Lithium Company, a graduate in Mining Engineering at CSM with 30 years’ experience in the Mining Finance Industry globally) was unable to present the lecture, due to a Conference commitment. It was given in his absence by Lucy Crane, Senior Geologist at the Cornish Lithium Company, speaking on the potential opportunities of the Cornish resources of this metal for European and World Markets.

Wed 20th June. Mineral Analysis at CSM – The What, The How and the Why! Dr Gavin Rollinson, Experimental Officer and Facility Manager (Chemical Imaging and Mineralogy Facility, CSM).

Wed 18th July. An invitation by Dr Gavin Rollinson for members to visit CSM Penryn Campus to view the Museum, learn about current research and to see the mineral analysis facilities.

Wed 15th August. A talk by Mark M Becket B. Eng. Assoc. CSM, showing a short preview of his lifetime study and love of Cornish Fossils and Fossil Localities

Wed 19th September. Icelandic Volcanism, a talk by Dr Kate-Taylor Smith B.Sc (Hons)., Ph.D. Project Manager CSM

Wed 17th October. A Member’s Evening which was both social and informative, where members were invited to bring specimens, photographs and papers for discussion, sharing information about their items and learning from the broad range of knowledge within the Society.

Wed 21st November. Near Surface Geophysics in West Cornwall. A talk given by Neill Wood. B.Sc., (Eng) Hons. V.R., A.R.S.M., F.H.E.A., Programme director for M.Sc. Surveying and Land/Environmental Management CSM and Executive Director of GeoDefinition Ltd (a geophysical site investigation company.)

Field Trips and Outside Meetings during 2018

Mon 19th March. Meeting at CSM (Tremough) at the invitation of Francis Wall, with RGSC, CSM, RIC. to discuss combining scientific bodies in Cornwall with a view to finding a joint venue for the storage of archives.

Sun 10th June. Visit to Jangy Ryn, Gunwalloe, to view the rocks and structural geology including folding.

Wed 22nd August. Another visit to see the progress at Rosevale Mine. Always a popular visit, Tony Bennett has a never-ending supply of anecdotes and information about the mine’s past and about mining in general.

Sat 22nd September. Visit to Penlee Quarry guided by Cornishman Barry Ninnis, using his great knowledge of the quarry and also previous experience and “way of life” as a Smallholder and Geevor miner.